• Kenya and Tanzania agree to eliminate Non-Tarrif Barriers

    Nairobi, Feb 1st, 2018.  By Olem Edward, 

    Kenya and Tanzania have underscored the need to eliminate Non Tarrif Barriers and ease market access for each other’s products and services as a means enhancing trade with each other.

    This comes in a wake of declining trade volumes between the two countries over the last five years. Kenya’s exports to Tanzania declined from US $38 Billion in 2012 to US $32 Billion in in 2016. Likewise, Tanzania exports to Kenya declined from US $19Billion in 2014 to US $13 Billion in 2017.

    Trade Communique

    Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to conduct joint verifications exercise which once established will see goods such as lubricants, edible oils, cement and textiles produced outside Export Processing Zone trade un-prohibited between the two countries.

    Lack of preferential treatment for certain goods produced in the region citing rules of origin and application of Non-Tariff barriers have seen trade between East Africa’s two leading economies plummet in the las two years.