Trade Communique

Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to conduct joint verifications exercise which once established will see goods such as lubricants, edible oils, cement and textiles produced outside Export Processing Zone trade un-prohibited between the two countries.

Lack of preferential treatment for certain goods produced in the region citing rules of origin and application of Non-Tariff barriers have seen trade between East Africa’s two leading economies plummet in the las two years.

Business Forum Date

Kenya is scheduled to hold a Business Forum between Kenyan and Kazakhstan business communities on 29th August this year at the World Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan, as a means of increasing trade volumes with the far East countries, Principal Secretary for Trade Dr Chris Kiptoo said today. Dr Kiptoo who was addressing Addressing African Commissioners General at the Africa Plaza which houses 22 African countries, disclosed that Kenya’s national day at the Expo would be celebrated on 28th August and thereafter followed by a mini-marathon on 30th August.

Trade Bills

The Government today appealed to parliament to pass the Trade Remedies Bill, the Legal Metrology Bill and The Trade Development Bill all which had been formulated to address challenges that undermine the growth of manufacturing sector as well as internal and external trade.