FUNCTIONS (as per the Revised Executive Order No.1 of 2020):

  • Trade Policy.
  • Exports Policy.
  • Trade Negotiations and Advisory Services.
  • Export promotion and branding initiatives to promote Kenyan goods and services in export markets.
  • Capacity Development for Entrepreneurship.
  • Liaising and Coordinating with UNCTAD and WTO on Trade Matters.
  • Enforcement of International Trade Laws, Negotiations and Agreements.
  • Protection of Kenyan Goods Against Dumping and Subsidized imports and Recommending of Countervailing Measures.
  • Co-ordination of Multi-Agency Task Force on the Elimination of Illicit Trade and Counterfeits.
  • Liaison with International Trade bodies for National Development.
  • To Combat Counterfeiting, Trade and Other Dealings in Counterfeit Goods.
  • Management of Weights and Measurements in Trade.
  • Oversight, Administration and Enforcement of the Local Content Policy.
  • Promotion and Regulation of the Wholesale and Retail Trade.
  • Promotion and Development of Small, Medium Business Enterprises.
  • Promotion of Fair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection.


  • Africa Trade Insurance
  • National Trade Negotiations Council (NTNC) via Kenya Gazette Vol. CXIX—No. 136 Sept. 2017)
  • Trade Remedies Agency (The Trade Remedies Act, 2017)
  • Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA) Order, 2019)
  • Kenya Institute of Business Training
  • Anti-Counterfeit Authority, (Anti Counterfeit Act, 2008)
  • Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (Micro and Small Enterprises Act, No. 55 of 2012)


  • Rent Restriction Tribunal
  • Business Premises Rent Tribunal


The Cabinet Secretary

Hon. Betty C. Maina, CBS
Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development.

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Chief Administrative Secretary

Hon. David Osiany , HSC

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Mision & Vision

Our mission is to facilitate trade and investment by championing an enabling environment for domestic and export trade to thrive. Our vision is to be a global leader in promoting trade, investment and private sector development.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Promote Enterprise and entrepreneurship development
  2. Improve business environment and promote attractive investment climate
  3. Promote growth of wholesale and retail trade
  4. Broaden and deepen export base and markets
  5. Enhance Fair trade practices and consumer protection

Technical Departments & State Corporations

The State Department implements its mandate through five technical departments and four state corporations namely:
Technical Departments

  1. Department of External Trade
  2. Department of Internal Trade
  3. Department of Weights & Measures
  4. Department of Trade Policy & Research
  5. Kenya Institute of Business Training

The functions of the State Department is coordinated by General Administration, Planning and services
State Corporations

  1. Kenya National Trading Corporation
  2. Kenya Export Pomotion and Branding Agency
  3. Anti-Counterfeit Agency
  4. Micro and Small Enterprise Authority

Organisational Structure

Core Values

  1. Integrity and Transparency
  2. Team Work and Productive Partnerships
  3. Innovativeness and Creativity
  4. Professionalism, Commitment and Customer focus
  5. Sustainability

    The Principal Secretary

    Amb. Johnson Weru,is the Principal Secretary (PS) for the State Department of Trade and Enterprise Development
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    The Secretary, Trade

    Dr. Bruno Linyiru (read his bio)