The department is headed by a director reporting to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Trade.

To be a leader in research and trade policy analysis for both domestic and export markets

To carry out research in trade to enable Kenya’s transformation into a competitive export led economy, enhance regional integration and widen participation in both domestic and international trade

Strategic Objectives of the Department
The broad goal of the department of Research and Trade Policy Analysis is to undertake research to promote domestic and international trade.

The Department Specific Objectives Are:

  • To undertake a competitive research on trade oriented policies that are compatible with the multilateral, regional National and County governments development objectives
  • To create an enabling environment for trade and investment to thrive through   research and trade policy analysis.

It has four divisions headed by deputy directors:

  1. Trade in Goods Policy Analysis Division
  2. Trade in Services Policy Analysis Division
  3. Trade Information and Statistics Policy Analysis Division
  4. Training Curriculum Design and Material Division

The functions of the department are:

  1. Conduct research and analysis on trade policy geared towards informing trade policy decisions in the ministry,
  2. Collect, collate and analyze trade data and disseminate  research findings to relevant stakeholders,
  3. Develop and maintain research resources and data bases on trade policies and related issues,
  4. Provide technical advisory services on multi-lateral, bilateral and regional trade matters to State Department of Trade and relevant stakeholders,
  5. Coordinate the implementation of trade policies developed by the department of research and policy analysis,
  6. Analyze effects of implementation of The National trade Policy and propose courses of action where the outcomes differ from expected results,
  7. Provide a platform for exchange of ideas between the various departments in the state department of trade on matters of common interest.

For further details kindly contact :-

The Director
Department of Research and Policy Analysis
P. O. Box 30430-00100
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 – 020-315001/2-5